Водич за ESG известување

The ESG Reporting Guide aims to help listed companies on the Macedonian Stock Exchange with a variety of environmental, social, and governance aspects. The start of ESG reporting and further continuous improvement of company practices in this area brings appropriate benefits for both companies and investors, ie for the entire securities market.

This Guide was developed as part of the EBRD project on "Promoting Better Corporate Practices and Investor Awareness by Enhancing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting and Developing Investment Opportunities" and the foreign consultants involved in this project.

The ESG practices and ESG reporting are currently one of the trending global topics and cover the company’s operations towards the environment and the wider and narrower social environment in which they operate, with growing interest among the investors. The new Code for corporate governance of listed companies on the Macedonian Stock Exchange addresses this current issue and devotes an entire chapter to it. The ESG Reporting Guide, in addition to general guidelines for listed companies on the subject matter, is also designed as a specific tool for listed companies that will aim to be fully compliant with the new Corporate Governance Code.

The ESG Reporting Guide may be downloaded on the following link:

 ESG Reporting Guide