22nd Annual Conference of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

On September 27th, the 22nd Annual Stock Exchange Conference was held in Ohrid, organized by the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje. This year, this event was attended by over 200 representatives from the financial sector and the securities industry, listed companies and other companies, state institutions and universities, and all other entities whose activity is related to the operation or investment in securities.

For two decades, the Macedonian Stock Exchange has been organizing annual conferences that represent an event with a recognizable image, both in terms of the actuality of the topics that are the subject of discussion and in terms of the competence of the participants in the numerous panels and presentations and speeches held. This year the program included two main panels and several interesting presentations on topics related to capital markets.

The conference was opened with introductory speeches by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Fatmir Besimi, the President of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia, Ms. Nora Aliti and the Chief Executive Officer of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje, Mr. Ivan Shteriev.

                                                       Fatmir Besimi, Minister of Finance                                                          Nora Aliti, President of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Ivan Shteriev, Chief Executive Officer of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

You can download Mr. Shteriev's speech at the following  link 

The working part of the conference was opened with a special presentation focused on the current geopolitical developments by Marko Papic, Partner and Chief Strategist at Clocktower Group on the topic of the Future of North Macedonia in the multipolar world. Mr. Papic's participation at this year's conference was supported by the US Embassy in North Macedonia.

At the first panel discussion "What has 2023 brought us?" Sasho Arsov, Full Professor, Faculty of Economics, University "St. Cyril and Methodius" in Skopje, Goce Hristov, Director of Finance at Granit AD Skopje, Branko Greganovic, Chairman of the Board of Directors, NLB Banka AD Skopje, Vilma Ucheta Duzlevska, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Triglav Insurance Zagreb and Vasko Mitev, Executive Director, Ilirika Investments Skopje shared their experience on this topic. The moderator of this panel was Ivan Shteriev, Chief Executive Officer, Macedonian Stock Exchange. The panelists discussed and shared their thoughts on the current economic and financial flows in 2023 and future perspectives.


The second panel was on the topic "Digitalization, artificial intelligence and financial services", where Daniel Danilovski, Professional Services Manager, Nextsense, Skopje, Matko Maravic, CEO, InterCapital Securities Ltd, Croatia, Jovanka Lukic, Team Lead, Central Risk Management - Model Validation - Innovations and Projects, ABN AMRO Bank and Kiro Chadikovski, Director of the Directorate for Bank Cards and Payment Accounts, Komercijalna banka Skopje shared their reflections with the attendees. Jacek Kubas, Head of Digital – EBRD, gave a video address on this topic. The moderator of this panel was Aleksandar Iljov, Director of Marketing and Sales, Halk Banka Skopje.


Following are the presentations from the 22nd Annual Conference of the Stock Exchange:

Sponsors of the conference were NLB, Halk, Komercijalna and Stopanska Banka Skopje, KIBS, and Triglav Osiguruvanje Zivot. Media patrons this year were Kapital, Pari, and Bloomberg Adria, while other supporters – Media Consulting and Vinaria Lazar.

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