Changes and amendments in the MSE Tariff Book
Tuesday, October 29, 2019

According to the MSE’s Board of Directors decision of 24.09.2019 for changes and amendments in the MSE Tariff Book and the SEC’s approval of 27.09.2019, starting from 30.10.2019 the following changes in the MSE Tariff Book will come into force:

Amendments related to the fee for reviewing of stock exchange transactions, the fee for publishing an intention for takeover of joint stock companies, the fee for structural replication of the MSE indices and the use of the index name for commercial purposes of investment funds and financial products, as well as the fee for issuing confirmation of historical trading data.

The consolidated text of the MSE Tariff Book can be found on the Macedonian Stock Exchange web site, under Legislation / MSE Legal acts/ Tariff book.