Changes and Amendments to the Listing Rules
Monday, November 2, 2020

Starting from 4th of November 2020, the Amendments to the listing Rules adopted by the MSE Board of Directors from 16th of October 2020 for which an Approval from 26th of October 2020 from the SEC was provided, shall enter into force.  

Within these changes more detailed guidelines for the bases and manners for enlisting an Issuer on the public Watchlist are introduced, i.e. the Stock Exchange will have the possibility to enlist an Issuer or a security on the Watchlist that did not made violations to the Listing Rules, but the Stock Exchange considers that the investors should pay attention to due to other situations or events related to securities or the issuer. In the same time, the right of the issuers to appeal against the decisions made by the Stock Exchange to enlist an Issuer or a security on the Watchlist is regulated more precisely and also the dynamics for the Exchange’s actions regarding this process.