Extraordinary revision of OMB
Friday, February 26, 2021

On 26.02.2021 the MSE Index Commission made an extraordinary revision of the MSE Index of bonds-OMB.

The MSE Index Commission decided that the following elements will construct the OMB Index: Denationalization – Eleventh issue (RMDEN11), Denationalization – Twelfth issue (RMDEN12), Denationalization – Thirteenth issue (RMDEN13), Denationalization – Fourteenth issue (RMDEN14), Denationalization – Fifteenth issue (RMDEN15), Denationalization – Sixteenth issue  (RMDEN16), Denationalization – Seventeenth Issue (RMDEN17), Denationalization – Eighteenth Issue (RMDEN18) and Denationalization – Nineteenth Issue (RMDEN19).

The date of implementation of changes in the indices is 01.03.2021.

The next regular revision of OMB is on 15.06.2021.