Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide efficient, transparent and secure functioning of the organized secondary securities market in the Republic of Macedonia, through a continuous effort to create basis for market entry and exit from all financial instruments to all investors at fair market price, in order to facilitate building of confidence in the Macedonian securities market. 

From the securities market prospective these activities shall result in changes and adjustments of the related legislation and business practice to those of the EU. In the same time, the securities market participants will have to modify their business behavior in accordance with the new environment and to prepare themselves to face with the competition on the international securities market. To maintain and, even more, to increase the interest for participation on the Macedonian securities market, our focus in the forthcoming period will be to further develop the Macedonian Stock Exchange to the extent that it will be comparable to the modern and well organized secondary securities markets worldwide. Our target will not only be the domestic investors, but also the foreign investors who have decided to invest in the emerging markets. By following this course, the Exchange will have to create mechanisms, procedures and projects that will support the challenge to be resistant to the pressure from the EU competition. We are working on the development of a strategy for improvement of the level of supply and quality of the market products, which will be oriented to keeping all currently listed companies, but also to developing new financial instruments, that will absorb increasing demand on the market.