Changes in the MSE Tariff Book
Friday, September 14, 2018

According to the MSE’s Board of Directors decision of 31.08.2018 and the SEC’s approval of 07.09.2018, starting from 17.09.2018 the following changes in the MSE Tariff Book will come into force:

-    Listing of “continuous” government bonds – the one-time and the annual tariff for listing of these bonds is ceased and this procedure will be based on a contract, which will give a flexibility to make the listing of the continuous government bonds easier and will bring a new quality to the Macedonian securities market for all its participants;

-    Tariff for trading in bonds – the tariff for trading in all bonds except the denationalization bonds is decreased from 0,075% to 0,025% of the trade value;

-    With regards to the latest introduction of the new market sub-segment “Listing of other securities” in the MSE Listing Rules, a new tariff of 0,025% of the trade value is introduced for trading in other long-term securities.