The Business Club held its first meeting in 2024
Tuesday, January 23, 2024

On January 22, 2024, in the premises of the Macedonian Stock Exchange, a working meeting was held with the companies, members of the business club “BOOM Club” (the Stock Exchange and the Successful companies in Macedonia). The organizers of the Club are the Macedonian Stock Exchange and PWC North Macedonia, and its partner is the Union of Chambers of Commerce.

In addition to the existing members of the Club, the meeting was attended by companies that expressed interest in membership of this Club, as well as representatives of the members of the Stock Exchange. 

After the speeches of Ivan Shteriev, Chief Executive Officer of the Macedonian Stock Exchange and Dragan Davitkov, Director of PwC in our country, presentations were made by representatives of the Stock Exchange from Sofia who presented in more detail their market for growth, BEAM, which has been operating in Bulgaria for some time. At the same time, Nikolaj Martinov from Impulse Growth, Yani Dragov from Smart Organic and Simeon Iliev from MFG Invest shared their success stories about going public and raising new capital in front of Macedonian companies.

About twenty companies from various business sectors are members of the Club, and the Club officially started working in October 2023. The purpose of its establishment is strategic support of domestic companies for their sustainable growth, providing a specific know-how and communication with other companies, organizers, and partners of the Club, as well as with selected relevant regional entities. The Club primarily seeks to help connect investors and Club member companies, with an emphasis on financing businesses through the capital market.

The BOOM Club meetings are organized quarterly.