Changes and amendments in the MSE Tariff Book
Monday, January 27, 2020

According to the MSE’s Board of Directors decision from 25.12.2019 for changes and amendments in the MSE Tariff Book and the SEC’s approval from 20.01.2020, starting from 27.01.2020 the following changes in the MSE Tariff Book will come into force.

The latest changes in the Tariff book refer to the fee for public offering of securities through the Exchange according to Anex 3 od Trading rules. Insted of temporary exemption for charging fee for inicial public offering (which expired on 31.12.2019), the Exchange intoroduce permanent exemption from charging fee for initial public offering in all cases of transformation of limited liabilities companies or limited liabilities companies established by one person to joint stock companies, if the public offering is occur simultaniously with the transformation or whitin 12 months after the company brought the decision for transfomation.

The consolidated text of the MSE Tariff Book can be found on the Macedonian Stock Exchange web site, under Legislation / MSE Legal acts/ Tariff book