21st Annual Conference of the Macedonian Stock Exchange

On September 23rd in Ohrid, in the organization of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje, after a two-year break, the 21st Annual Conference of the Stock Exchange was held. This year, this event was attended by over 200 representatives from the financial sector and the securities industry, listed companies and other companies, state institutions and universities, and all other entities whose activity is related to the operation or investment in securities.

For two decades, the Macedonian Stock Exchange has been organizing annual conferences that represent an event with a recognizable image, both in terms of the actuality of the topics that are the subject of discussion, and in terms of the competence of the participants in the numerous panels and presentations and speeches held.
The attractiveness of the topics was not absent even at the 21st Annual Conference of the Stock Exchange, where there were two central panels and several speeches and presentations. In addition to the introductory speeches, the main emphasis in the program this year was on geopolitics, energy, banks, and new projects of the Stock Exchange.

The conference was opened with introductory speeches by the Minister of Finance, Mr. Fatmir Besimi, the President of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mrs. Nora Aliti, and the Chief Executive Officer of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje, Mr. Ivan Shteriev.

                                                                Fatmir Besimi, Minister of Finance                                              Nora Aliti, President of the Securities and Exchange Commission



                                                                                     Ivan Shteriev, Chief executive officer of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje


The working part of this year's conference started with a presentation by Agnieszka Gajewska, Partner at PwC, Global leader for services in the public sector, Leader for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE Clients & Markets Leader) on the topic "Succeeding in the disrupted world", Change as a new constant - how to compete and succeed in ever-changing markets"
The presentation by Agnieszka Gajewska is available at the following link

In this slot, there was another special speech by Armen Grigoryan, resident representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for the Republic of North Macedonia. Armen Grigoryan gave a brief presentation of today's developments related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the energy crisis, and food supply.

At the first panel discussion "Banks in the new reality", Toni Stojanovski, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief Corporate Officer, Stopanska Banka AD Skopje, Sanel Kusturica, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sparkasse Banka AD Skopje, Branko Greganović, President of the Management Board, NLB Banka AD Skopje and Maja Stevkova Shterieva, President of the Macedonian Banking Association, shared their experience on this topic. The moderator of this panel was Natasha Stojanovska from Bloomberg Adria. The panelists discussed and shared their thoughts on the latest developments in the sector - inflation, interest rates, etc.

The second panel was dedicated to energy, with the title "Will there be a long cold winter?", where the director of the Slovenian electricity exchange, Anže Predovnik, shared his reflections on this topic with the attendees, as well as with renowned Macedonian speakers on this topic: Dragan Mijalkovski from Makstil AD Skopje, Risto Janevski from OKTA AD Skopje. The moderator of this panel was Zlatko Cherepnalkovski from EDS AD Skopje.

Regarding the individual presentations of the event, the participation of leading consultants Chris Hodge from G. Britain, and Wouter Scheepens from the Netherlands was ensured, as creators of the two strategic documents of the Stock Exchange, the Code of Corporate Governance, and the Guide to ESG Reporting of Listed Companies.

Following are the presentations from the 21st Annual Conference of the Stock Exchange:
•    "How to better prepare for M&A processes" - Hugh Owen, Head, M&A, Legal, PWC
•    "Why it is important to have an investor relations policy" - Marko Čižmek, Board Member, Valamar Riviera, Croatia
•    "Capital Markets in EBRD Countries" - Attila Toth, Head, Financial and Capital Markets Development, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
•    "Going public" – it can also be done in the Balkans if there is a will for it... - Manyu Moravenov, Chief Executive Officer, Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Hristo Hristov, Founder and CEO, HR Capital, Bulgaria also joined the discussion on the topic.

Bartosz Margol, Partner at PwC Poland, Capital Market Leader in Central and Eastern Europe, and Maja Vukadinovic, Manager at PwC Poland, participated in the discussion on the topic - IPO global watch - what's new?

The golden sponsor of the event was PWC, while other sponsors were Vitalia, EDS, Komercijalna banka, NLB Banka and the Central Securities Depository. Media patrons of the event were Bloomberg Adria and Capital, patron of the lottery - VEGA funds, while other supporters - were Bovin Winery and Smidgin.