MSE Board of Directors Decision – Public warning for the listed companies Blagoj Tufanov AD Radovis, Velestabak AD Veles, Agroplod AD Resen Jaka 80 AD Radovish and RZ Inter-transsped AD Skopje
Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The MSE Board of Directors on the session held on 20.10.2017 adopted a Decision to publicly warn thought the MSE web page RZ Inter-Transped AD Skopje listed on Exchange Listing sub-segment and Blagoj Tufanov AD Radovis, Jaka 80 AD Radovish, Agroplod AD Resen and Velestabak AD Veles, all listed on the Mandatory Listing sub-segment. 

The imposed sanctions are for not obeying the obligations stipulated in the article 38 item 7 and article 40 item 2 and 3, of the MSE Listing Rules.